To answer the question of where to get info on your hardware and settings (in Windows):

Just run dxdiag (DirectXDiagnostics):

  1. Click start->run.

  2. Type in dxdiag and click "OK".

  3. A few numbers are found here.

  4. Change tabs to Diplay to see current screen resolution.

  5. Open Internet Explorer.

  6. Click Help->About Internet Explorer

  7. Version is the information you are looking for.

  8. Hard drive space is listed from My Computer then just open your hard drive (C).

  9. Or just go in to My Computer and right click your hard drive, then choose Properties to see the details.

  10. You should be able to see size and space information for the C drive.

  11. Look at items in your system tray (by the clock) to find your antivirus and spyware.