CNS 3520 Database Theory  Project

For this project, each team needs to Design, Implement, Present, and submit a database for an organization which the team picks from the above list. The process is as follows:


1. Select an organization which the team members like to work on.

2. Collect information about this organization and analyze it.

3. Design an ER/EER model for this organization

4. Convert your ER/EER model to a set of schemas.

5. Convert your set of schemas to BCNF.

6. Use a DBMS to create a DB for your selected organization. Create a table for each schema. Include about 3-5 attribute for each schema.

7. Enter 10-15 tuples in each of your tables.

8. Print every table in a nice tabular form.

9. Run a set of queries on your DB.

10. Print each query and its result to show your DB works correctly.

11. Submit a few pages of report to indicate what you learned from this project and the problems that you had (if any), hard copy of every thing, plus your DB on a disk for grading.

Note: The team is responsible for getting / buying the software DBMS which selects to use. The school has Interbase loaded on computers in the labs.